Elementary School Curriculum (K-5)

Our Elementary Curriculum, targeted at grades K-5, features nine lifelong lessons based on a different letter of the acronym HAPPINESS. Ideal for teachers, parents, counselors, caregivers, and anyone working with children, each module is scripted, so anybody could pick up the curriculum, and teach it immediately. Additionally, it fulfills Common Core Standards. Our curriculum explores important factors that influence the happiness and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for elementary school aged children.

In addition to the curriculum, you are purchasing training videos highlighting activities actually implemented by a California teacher, and several other tools for those teaching the curriculum.

Benefits of the curriculum include:

• Helping students focus and learn
• Increased emotional resilience
• Stress reduction
• Strengthen impulse control and emotional management
• Improved social behavior
• Increased empathy
• Heightened empathy
• Practical skills for enhanced well-being

What’s Included:

• Scripted Elementary School Curriculum
• Supplemental workbook for students
• Parent/student homework
• Multiple intelligence survey
• SEL assessments
• Teacher training videos
• Guide on why we measure SEL, from our partners Edutopia
  • Introduction and Table of Contents
  • Measuring Social and Emotional Learning (clone)
  • Lesson 1 Video Tips
  • Lesson 1: Happiness, Long Term and Short Term
  • Lesson 2 Video Tips
  • Lesson 2: Appreciation
  • Lesson 3 Video Tips
  • Lesson 3: Passions and Strengths
  • Lesson 4 Video Tips
  • Lesson 4: The Power of Perspective and Choice
  • Lesson 5 Implementation Tips
  • Lesson 5: Inner Critic, Inner Ally
  • Lesson 6 Video Tips
  • Lesson 6: Ninja Mastery; Emotional Management
  • Lesson 7 Video Tips
  • Lesson 7: Empathy
  • Lesson 8 Video Tips
  • Lesson 8: So Similar
  • Lesson 9 Video Tips
  • Lesson 9: Share You Gift
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