High School Curriculum

Our teacher-friendly High School Curriculum, targeted at grades 9-12, prepares students for success in life while helping participants learn to:

• Manage their emotions, and reduce stress
• Improve focus and academic performance
• Develop empathy and reduce bullying on a root cause level
• Build emotional resilience and nurture positive perspectives
• Identify and build on their strengths
• Share their gifts to benefit their community

The easy-to-use curriculum includes nine lifelong lessons based on a different letter of the acronym HAPPINESS. Ideal for teachers, parents, counselors, caregivers, and anyone working with children, each module is scripted, so anybody could pick up the curriculum, and teach it immediately. Additionally, it fulfills Common Core Standards. Our curriculum explores important factors that influence the happiness and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for middle school aged children.

Available on our new Learning Platform:

• Login Credentials to our online Learning Platform
• Multiple intelligence survey
• SEL assessments
• Guide on why we measure SEL, from our partners Edutopia
• Access to discussion groups and forums.
  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Happiness, Long and Short-Term
  • Lesson 2: Appreciation
  • Lesson 3: Passions and Strengths
  • Lesson 4: Power of Perspective and Choice
  • Lesson 5: Inner Critic, Inner Ally
  • Lesson 6: Naming Your Emotions
  • Lesson 7: Empathy
  • Lesson 8: So Similar
  • Lesson 9: Share Your Gifts
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