7 Doors to Happiness

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7 Doors to Happiness online course is an introductory, interactive and inspriational course designed to help you access your inner awareness, manage your emotions, identify your strengths and begin your journey to fulfilling your purpose.

In this course you will learn:

Door 1: Your personal definition of happiness and how to develop it
Door 2: Obstacles to happiness and how to communicate about them.
Door 3: The connection between your thoughts, feelings and actions
Door 4: How to master your own emotions.
Door 5: Why compassion for yourself and others is essential
Door 6: Interdependent relationships and the Science of Awe
Door 7: Your personal strengths and how to discover your purpose.
Based on neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness with knowledge from world-class experts including Dr. Kristen Neff, Tal Ben-Shahar, Dr. Carol Dweck and others. Dive in and surpass your own limitations.

What's Included:

Registration and login credentials to our learning platform
Access to user and discussion groups
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“Five classes of freshmen composition at Tennessee State University in Nashville, as well as their instructor, benefited greatly from Project Happiness and the 7 Doors curriculum.

The multi-media content is leading edge in many ways and offers a standard for other content delivery designers. Student engagement is markedly enhanced by this platform and its aesthetic. The impact on affective domain is powerful and transformative. Measuring it would make for a great research project, as well as a TED ED lesson. This is first-rate stuff.”

Bob Bradley
Founder/licensee: TEDxNashville
Professor, Tennessee State University

“The 7 Doors to Happiness project was a wonderful opportunity for my students to learn about happiness from several different vantage points, and apply happiness research findings to their own lives. Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive, and I plan to offer this option again.”

Jesse Graham,
Professor, University of Southern California

  • Course Introduction
  • Notes for Best Results
  • Door 1: What is Happiness
  • What is Happiness?
  • Reflection: Happiness
  • Short-term Happiness and Long-Term Joy
  • Reflection: My Components to Happiness
  • Gratitude and Neuroplasticity
  • Tips and Challenge
  • Bonus Material: Ted Talk: Happiness Habits from Matthieu Ricard
  • Door 2: Obstacles to Happiness
  • Introduction and Terms
  • Remaining Calm Through the Storm
  • Defining Moments
  • Malala's Story
  • Reflection: Defining Moments
  • Door 2 paddle downstream
  • Bonus: Anti-Social Media
  • Door 3: SELF REFLECTION 5d
  • Introduction to Door 3
  • Thinking, Feeling and Acting
  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Fixed vs Growth Mindset
  • Growth Mindset Video
  • Four Rivers of Inspiration
  • Bonus: How to Break Addiction to Negative Thought Patterns
  • Famous Failures
  • Door 4: SELF MASTERY 10d
  • Introduction to Door 4
  • Emotional Intelligence and 6 seconds
  • 4-7-8 Calming with Dr Andrew Weil
  • The Power of Words and Anger
  • Calming Methods
  • The Ball and Box
  • BONUS: More about Mindfulness
  • Bonus: Ted Talk Wisdom of Unpleasant Feelings
  • Door 5: Compassion 15d
  • Compassion and Self Compassion
  • Dr Kristen Neff on Self Compassion
  • Self Compassion vs. Self-Esteem Part 5 Kristin Neff
  • My Self-Compassion
  • Ways of Caring
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Bonus: Why Forgive?
  • Dr. Fred Luskin: The Art and Science of Forgiveness (Workshop)
  • Door 6: Connection 20d
  • Introduction to Interdependence
  • The Nature of Our Interactions
  • Care-taking and Awe
  • Bonus: Why Awe is Such an Important Emotion
  • Bonus: The Positive Power of Social Connection
  • Bonus: Cultivating Empathy and Self-Awareness Through Social Media
  • Door 7: Share Your Gift! 25d
  • Introduction: Finding your Strengths!
  • Reflection - My Character Strengths
  • Passion and Flow
  • How to what? Ikigai!
  • Creating Your Purpose
  • Upload your Purpose Venn Diagram
  • How do you want to be?
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed